Conference of young researchers working in the Ancient Near East 

Welcome to the website of the 5th edition of the Broadening Horizons conference, which will be organized by the University of Udine in June 2017.

Broadening Horizons 5 is an International Congress dedicated to early-stage researchers and postgraduate students who work in various disciplines regarding the Ancient Near East and Eastern Mediterranean.

The purpose of the conference is to encourage discussions on new topics and to promote the exchange of scientific information between students and scholars of many different specialities – archaeology, prehistory, history, anthropology, archaeobiology – of the Ancient Near East.

The 5th edition of the congress will be held in Udine (Italy) from June 5 to 8, 2017, at the Università degli Studi di Udine.

The Udine edition follows the scientific approach of the previous editions (Ghent 2006, Lyon 2007, Barcelona 2010 and Turin 2011), which were distinguished and inspired by an interdisciplinary approach uniting colleagues conducting research in the Near East.


The goals of the conference are to:

• Stimulate the presentation and discussion of new research – and common problems in the field – within an interdisciplinary and international framework.

• Encourage dialogue and debate among early-stage researchers who are working in similar fields and who face similar difficulties.

• Promote the presentation of data and preliminary results, which can be used to connect together and compare different disciplines and research dynamics.


Geographical Area

The geographical area considered in this symposium is the Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East.



English will be the official language of the conference; no translation services will be provided.