Theme and sessions

The main general theme of this 5th edition is “Civilizations in contact”.  Six sessions have been selected, for which papers are welcomed. The sessions particularly encourage presentations that approach the proposed topics from different perspectives (i.e. landscape archaeology, material culture studies, theoretical frameworks, interdisciplinary research, etc.).


  1. The Neolithic – Chalcolithic transition in Upper Mesopotamia. Subsistence strategies, economy, society and identity (Keynote speaker: M. Frangipane; title: Social and economic changes in Upper Mesopotamia  from Halaf to Late Chalcolithic societies).
  2. The Levant in the Bronze Age: crossroad or frontier between different cultures? (Keynote speaker: A. Maeir; title: Group identities and interactions during the Bronze to Iron Age transformation: Complexity, entanglement and underlying mechanisms as seen in the Southern Levant).
  3. Imperial frontiers: the Assyrian periphery and interactions between Assyria and neighbouring kingdoms during the 1st millennium BC. (Keynote speaker: D. Morandi Bonacossi; title: Assyrian Rule and the Making of an Assyrian Landscape in the Core and Periphery of the Empire).
  4. The East Mediterranean during the Iron Age: the formation of the western artistic tradition as a result of contacts with the Near East (Keynote speaker: L. Rebaudo; title: The Orientalising period in Greece. Past and present issues).
  5. West vs East: from Hellenism to the Roman expansion in the Near East (Keynote speaker: M. Cadario; title: Image-making and the Rulers in the Near East from the Hellenistic to the Roman Age.).
  6. Marine connections: the Gulf and the interactions between the Arabian peninsula, Mesopotamia and the Iranian world and beyond (Keynote speaker: M. Cattani; title: Adaptation and Transformation of Human Setting from Middle Holocene to the Iron Age in South-Eastern Arabian Peninsula?). 
  7. Civilizations in contact: current research and new approaches in Mediterranean and Near Eastern archaeology (Keynote speaker: E. Rova; title: How wide is the “Near East”? Some reflections on the limits of our discipline).

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